Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Painting Plus Set - 26pc
The Painting Plus features an assorted selection of watercolours along with a Cotman Series 111 #3 brush. Choose from three large mixing surfaces, including a clip-on palette and a removable internal palette. This set includes lemon yellow, alizarin crimson hue,...
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Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Compact Set - 16pc
This compact set is ideal for the beginning artist on the go; add a splash of color and capture the moment, wherever you are. This set contains fourteen half pans of student-grade watercolours and a field brush. Slide the detachable...
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Yarka Watercolour 12 Full Pan Colours Set & Brush
Imported by Jack Richeson & co., Yarka Watercolours are well-known for their high quality and great for use as a learner's or intermediate paint. Features 12 Full Pans of rich, semi-moist transparent colours.. These all natural pigments can stain, so...
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Sakura Koi Pocket Field Watercolour Sets
On-site watercolor painting is simple with a pocket studio right at the artists' fingertips! The set includes a waterbrush with a large water reservoir barrel, a detachable medium brush tip, two dabbing sponges, a snap lid that acts as an...
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Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid Colourless, 75ml
This colourless liquid allows you to mask areas of work to be protected from subsequent washes of colour. It dries to a water-impervious film that is easily removed by hand. Ideal for creating layers and preserving specific areas of watercolour...
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Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid, 75 ml
This quick-drying pale yellow liquid allows you to mask areas of work to be protected from subsequent washes of color. It dries to a water-impervious film that is easily removed by hand. Ideal for creating layers and preserving specific areas...
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Winsor & Newton Aquapasto, 2 oz. Tube
Achieve impasto effects with any water-based colour! Lay the colour on thick, experiment with texture and add dimension to your work. This gel medium thickens and extends colours.
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Winsor & Newton Blending Medium 75ml
Customize your painting experience! This Blending Medium slows the drying rate of watercolours to allow more time for colour blending. It is ideal for blending, glazing, stroke work, antiquing and staining. Extends working time even in hot climates For maximum...
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Winsor & Newton Granulation Medium 75 ml
Granulation is a stunning effect that produces delicate textures, uneven washes and organic, dappled patterns. This medium allows you to control which colours have a granular appearance and is useful in all watercolour techniques. For maximum effect dilute colour generously...
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Winsor & Newton Lifting Preparation 75ml
Enjoy more freedom to experiment with a medium that makes your surface more forgiving and your watercolours even more versatile. This preparation allows dry washes and enables the staining colours to be more easily lifted from paper with a wet...
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Winsor & Newton Texture Medium 75ml
Customize your painting experience and achieve just the effect you desire. This texture medium contains fine particles that give the impression of depth and structure to watercolour painting. Apply directly to paper or mix with watercolour Shake well before use...
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Daler-Rowney Luma Bleed-Proof White, 1 oz. Bottle
This opaque watercolour stays brilliantly white when used to cover dyes, designers colours, markers, etc. It is excellent for highlights, blocking out areas and applying finishing touches.
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pH Neutral Masking Tape
Gummed Paper Tape, 2" x 75 ft. Ideal for watercolorists, printmakers, and mixed media artists working with wet paper, this Gummed Paper tape is a medium-weight kraft paper that can adhere the damp paper to a backing board tightly and...
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Speedball Robert E. Wood Palette, 24 Wells
This large covered palette keeps colours moist and separated between painting sessions. Two large mixing areas and twenty-four deep pigment wells hold ample colour and are easily accessible even to large brushes. Its cover is designed with four extra-large deep...
$35.25 $25.55
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Winsor & Newton Ox Gall Liquid, 75ml
Ox Gall increases the wetting and flow of watercolours. Ideal for vibrant blends and beautifully organic spreads of colour, it can also be used on very hard-sized papers to reduce surface tension. Add 3-4 drops per cup of water Will...
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Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic Solution, 75ml
Gum Arabic increases the gloss and transparency of watercolours, ideal for layering colours and creating subtle overlays. Pale in colour Customize your painting experience Reduces staining and slows drying
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Winsor & Newton Dual-Tip Watercolour Markers
This marker offers the Winsor & Newton expertise in a marker form! It delivers precision and control and is compatible with all Winsor & Newton watercolours and mediums. The lightfast formulation offers optimal performance, transparency and brightness. Each twin-tip marker...
$5.99 $4.75
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Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Sticks
The debut of Winsor & Newton’s Professional Watercolour Sticks marked an innovative leap for the medium. Introducing a versatile, fresh new take on painting in watercolour, the sticks allow fluid movement between drawing and painting, working wet and dry, and...
$13.00 from $6.95
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Bruynzeel Design Aquarel Pencil Set, 24-Colours
These premium watercolour pencils are made from high-quality colour pigment that results in a great colour transfer due to their ability to fully dissolve in water. The colours can be applied using both dry and wet techniques. One brush and convenient...
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Bruynzeel Rijks Museum Watercolour Pencils, Set of 24
Designed in conjunction with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, one of the world's most well-known art museums, these high quality coloured pencils feature leads made with a liquid wax binder and are fully glued all the way down the core and...
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Prismacolor Watercolour Pencil Set, 24 Colours
This set of watercolor pencils can be used with a brush and water to create brilliant watercolour effects, or as traditional coloured pencils. Add details and effects to watercolour paintings and experiment with mixed media applications - each vibrant color...
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Graphigum Masking Fluid, 75 ml
Use this coloured masking fluid, to mask areas where colour is not required. Popular with watercolour painters, this gum can be used for gouache, ink and other wet mediums. Apply Graphigum using the brush and leave to dry before painting....
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Masking Fluid & 5-Tip Applicator System
Daniel Smith Masking Fluid This masking fluid features an easy-to-use application system including a bottle applicator and five fine-point applicator tips. It can also be applied with a brush. The fluid creates an impervious barrier to protect and preserve white...
$18.89 $13.25
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