The Masters Brush Cleaner
General pencil An essential for proper brush maintenance and longevity, this safe and portable brush cleaner will not harm red sable or any type bristle. For use with oil, acrylic or watercolor residues. All you need is water. 
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Canvas Roll-Up Brush Holder (with bonus brush)
On the road, painting in the countryside or going to class, keep your brushes in order with this durable canvas brush holder. It is constructed of heavy canvas with sewn compartments on one side. An extended flap folds over brushes...
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Royal Brush Travel Brush Washer, Small
The travel brush washer has accordion-like sides that collapse almost flat for easy, compact transport.
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Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank Jar, 12 oz. (355 ml)
Keep your brushes sparkling clean and ready for the next painting session! This tank has a spiral coil insert that cleans between bristles. The handy screw cap prevents evaporation.
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Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink, 150ml Jar, Pen Cleaner
Liquitex Professional Pen Cleaner is the one of the most versatile cleaners for acrylic and water-based practice - it can be used to clean acrylic ink from paint brushes, technical and dip pens and airbrush parts. To clean dried ink simply...
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Bamboo Roll-Up Brush Holder
On the road, painting in the countryside or going to class, keep your brushes in order with this durable bamboo roll-up brush holder. Bamboo allows air circulation for drying brushes. This holder features an elastic band that holds brushes securely...
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Turpenoid, Natural
Turpenoid Natural is designed for artists and students as a safer alternative to traditional and harmful solvents associated with oil painting. It is safe for artists of all ages and will not irritate skin. Clean and gently recondition your brushes...
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Heavy-Duty Tube Wringer
The Tube-Wringer will be your main squeeze for any product packaged in squeezable tube containers: get up to 1/3 more for your money from every tube! Squeeze the last drop of expensive paint, glue, mediums and more from their tubes....
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Large Artist Tool Storage Boxes
Get organized with this durable, lockable clear plastic box that features blue handles and clasps. Ideal for students, professionals, hobbyists or artists of all kinds. Keep your tools organized, protected and portable. Convenient in-lid storage for small items Includes a...
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Brush Washer & Hanger
This Brush Washer features a spiral holder which suspends brush tips to prevent bending or deforming of the bristles as they hang to dry or soak in either water or solvents. A removable sediment grate provides a surface to whisk...
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Stainless Steel Brush Washer & Spiral Brush Holder
Specially designed for use with mineral spirits, turpentine and other solvents the stainless steel Brush Washers feature latching lids that lock securely to minimize odors and prevent evaporation. A removable strainer cup lets sediment collect in the bottom. Perfect for...
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#125 NeutralThin Odourless Thinner
The Purest: NeutralThin is a general-purpose OMS thinner, degreaser, brush cleaner and volatile painting medium for oil-based paints and artist paints.
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Plastic Bottle with Flip Lid Dispenser, 8 oz.
Ideal for student work, prolific artists or projects that require a large quantity of paint, this acrylic colour offers deep and rich pigments that dry to a satin-matte finish. Suitable for most surfaces, the thick, buttery consistency and retains your...
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Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Ink Clean Up Solution, 1 oz & 4 oz
Transparent, permanent and acid-free, this solution is great for cleaning surfaces prior to painting and cleaning brushes after painting. 1 fl. oz (28 ml) 4 fl. oz (118 ml)
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