Flexible Stainless Steel Cork Back Ruler
This small, classic ruler is a staple for any studio, classroom, garage or DIY household. With its flexible metal construction and a cork backing, it is both durable and safe to use without scratching various surfaces or slipping under pressure....
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RULER 18" Inch , Pica / 24 Inch, Metric
C-Thru * Clear, plastic 18" ruler, marked in picas, agates and 1/8" graduations. Excellent for graphic arts. * A transparent 2" x 24" ruler calibrated in 8ths and 16ths of an inch on one side and millimeters on the other....
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Self-Healing Cutting Mats
Trim photographs, collage materials, textiles, finished artwork or stationary safely and efficiently on this self-healing, double-sided cutting mat. Ideal for artists, students, crafters and DIY makers. The mat protects surfaces from sharp blades, writing instruments and other art and craft...
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Erasing Shield
When working with graphite, charcoal, pastel or other mediums that smudge easily, an eraser shield is essential to getting the highlights just right without botching your work. This shield features apertures for lines, dots, curves and more, allowing you to...
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Manikin, 8"
Art Alternatives This manikin is an incredibly useful tool for learning to draw the human form. Accurately proportioned, simplified shapes allow beginners and seasoned artists alike to hone their craft and familiarize themselves with human anatomy. Flexible joints allow you...
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T-Squares - Stainless Steel
This T-square is an essential tool for artists, DIY makers, students and professionals alike. Designed for accurate line drawing and cutting, the perpendicular plastic head allows you to line the ruler up so that your lines are square and level....
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Graphic Arts Ruler, 2" x 18"
This professional-quality 18" ruler features an engineering scale as well as inches, picas and agate calibrations. This dynamic ruler also includes proofreading symbols, printer's rulers, screen density guides, copy casting system and typewriter copy counters. Cover all of your bases...
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Logan Deluxe Pull Style Mat Cutter, Model 4000
Cut custom mats at home! Ideal for framers, creatives and DIY enthusiasts, the Deluxe Pull Style is Logan’s most advanced handheld mat cutter, including features developed and refined by Logan since 1974. The Deluxe Pull Style features a pivot-and-pull blade...
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Derwent Scale Divider
Scale up or down drawings with ease using this divider. A Scale Divider is an ingenious drawing tool invaluable to artists. It makes it easy to transfer measurements from life, photographs, and sketches, ensuring you achieve accurate proportions every time....
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C-Thru Graphic Arts Leading Gauge Ruler, 3" x 13-3/4
This ruler is an essential tool for anyone in the graphic arts - whether you are redesigning something you don't have a soft copy of, matching styles or proofing your work, this ruler has you covered. This graphic arts ruler...
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C-Thru Opaque Standard Type Gauge & Specifier Ruler, 2-3/4" x 12-3/8"
This graphic arts-type gauge ruler is printed on two sides and includes all scales needed for quick and accurate type specifying. No more agonizing over typeface or spacing! This ruler features slots to keep all point size scales flush to...
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STAEDTLER Black Plastic Protractor with Swing Arm - 6"
Package contains one 6-Inch plastic protractor with a swing arm to help draw straight and accurate angles and half degree increments from 0 to 180 Swing arm to help draw straight and accurate angles and half degree increments from 0...
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Staedtler College Protractor - 6", Tinted, 180 Degree
180 degrees 6" Precision made from the highest quality tinted plastic Graduations in 1/2 degree increments reading right to left and left to right Beveled center opening for easy pick-up
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Straightedges with Center Finding Back / 6"
Alumicolor Alumicolor Straightedges with Center Finding Backs are really two rulers in one. The front side is calibrated in inches and millimeters while the back side has center finding calibrations in inches. They have ultra smooth edges and photo anodized...
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Staedtler Rolling Ruler 12" Kit
Staedtler 12" rolling ruler. 4 tools in one, compass, protractor, vertical ruler and horizontal ruler. Multi-purpose tool for drawing quadrants, squares, circles, angles and lines. Retractable rolling scale can be used with other drawing instruments such as templates, triangles and...
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Professional Drafting Dots
This box contains 500 professional-level drafting dots, each 0.875-inch in diameter, and are supplied in a convenient pull-tab dispenser. 0.875" Diameter (7/8")  Low-tack adhesive for easy removal.  For drafting and household use. 
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Hobby & Craft Square
Your one-stop tool for wood working, crafts and DIY projects; this tool features a 4" ruler, a 90 square for perpendicular alignment, strip and dowel/tubing identification gauges and a protractor in 5 degree increments. Make accurate cuts and precise measurements...
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