Graphite Transfer Paper 18" x 36"/Sheet. Gray and White
This pressure-sensitive graphite paper acts like carbon paper and can be used to transfer images and patterns onto almost any art or craft surface. Create dynamic designs and helpful layouts for designs on paper, fabric, canvas and more! No messy...
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Speedball Diazo Light Kit
This light kit is ideal for screen printing, specifically exposing screens using the Speedball DIAZO Photo Emulsion process. The kit includes an exposure lamp, a 250W wall photoflood bulb and 9.5" x 13.75" black paper to be used as background...
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Omni-Gel Transfer & Texture Medium, 8 oz.
Omni-Gel is a unique, acrylic, glue-like product that has an incredible versatility, suitable for use as a transfer medium, multi-purpose adhesive or decorative paint or texturizer.  It dries crystal clear for true color reproduction and its acid-free formula provides archival...
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Artograph LightPad LED Light Boxes
LightPad LX Light Boxes / These light boxes feature Super Bright LED lamps that provide a perfectly even illuminated surface to take projects to the next level. Each LightPad has a durable extruded aluminum frame and a double layered illuminated...
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Saral Transfer Paper, 12" x 12 ft. Roll
An oil paint that offers the artist Royal Talens quality at an economical price - the same high-quality pigments that are used in Rembrandt Oils are used, only in a lower concentration. Van Gogh Oil Colors feature consistency in every...
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Tracer LED Art Projector
Artograph This LED Tracer Art Projector has an upgraded LED light source to show extra contrast for image transfers. It enlarges any design or pattern onto a wall or easel from 2-14 times the original size. The projected image can...
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Bienfang 107 Canary Sketching and Tracing Roll
This paper works well with pencil, crayon, tempera and ink. Whether you are an architect, designer, engineer, teacher or fine artist, this light-weight canary-coloured sketching and tracing paper is excellent for developmental sketches, mind-mapping, layering, preliminary detail renderings or quick...
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Artograph EZ Tracer Art Projector
The EZ Tracer® enlarges any design or pattern from a 4 x 4 inch / 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm copy area onto a wall or easel from 2 to 10 times enlargement. (For larger images, work in sections.) Create murals,...
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