RGM Italian Plus Painting Knife, Assorted
This high-quality painting and palette knife features exquisitely-shaped blades with all-steel construction as well as a handsome bubinga wood handle. The blade has been specially treated to provide protection and improve the spreadability of colour. Made in Italy.  Painting knives allow...
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Princeton Catalyst Silicone Wedge, Assorted Edges
Designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, this wedge is made of engineered silicone and is ergonomically designed to fit in the hand for more direct interaction with the artwork. It is ideal for oils, acrylics and water-mixable oils, and because...
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Guide to Pen & Brush Lettering Textbook, 24th Edition, 120 pages
The Speedball Textbook is the superlative resource for artists and letterers of all ages and skill levels. In celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the first edition's debut, Speedball has released the Centennial Edition of The Speedball Textbook. Featuring...
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Studio Tabletop H-Frame Easel
This versatile and stable H-frame table easel functions both as a working easel that can be used while standing (perched on a desk), comfortably while sitting, or as an elegant display easel suitable for any venue. Perfect for painting on...
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Walter Foster Artist's Library: Watercolour Painting Step-By-Step Book
Whether you are just beginning or revisiting various techniques, this book is a chance to expand creativity, conquer technical obstacles and explore new media. Written and illustrated by professional artists, it is ideal for artists aspiring to reach a new...
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Solid Wood Standing Easel 64"
Apollon Gotrick Inc -  Basswood easel for the artists' studio. Simple and intuitive design, ideal for painting and display. Main structures come already assembled with easy installation of holder bars and screws. 
$69.99 $64.99
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Simply Simmons Short Handle Brush
Ideal for crafters and traditional artists, this versatile short handle brush features Chungking bristle. It offers control and durability and stiff, dark-tipped synthetic filament brushes that offer excellent point and spring with all mediums.
from $4.49
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Soho Art Supplies E-Gift Card
Give the gift of creativity with our versatile e-gift card. With over hundreds of art, craft and creative-maker materials to choose from (just think of all the colours, mediums and finishes!) your recipient will savour that 'candy store' feeling as they let their imagination...
from $25.00
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Simply Simmons XL Brushes, Soft Synthetic
Our best-selling and most economical line of brushes, the Simply Simmons XL series offer a versatile range of quality wide brushes at a fraction of the price.  Fitted with Soft Synthetic Gold bristles, its commonly used for soft body and fluid water-based...
from $18.15
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Simply Simmons XL Brushes, Stiff Synthetic
Our best-selling and most economical line of brushes, the Simply Simmons XL series offer a versatile range of quality wide brushes at a fraction of the price.  This brush features stiff synthetic burgundy bristles, ideal for applying heavy body color...
from $18.15
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San Francisco Slate Palette
Designed to incorporate features that many watercolorists appreciate, this sleek palette is flat, transportable and constructed of high-impact, stain-proof styrene plastic with a glossy white finish. A selection of four large shallow dishes, four rectangular mixing sections, four adjacent slants...
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Simply Simmons XL Brushes, Natural Bristle
Our best-selling and most economical line of brushes, the Simply Simmons XL series offer a versatile range of quality wide brushes at a fraction of the price.  This brush features Natural Bristle, great for oil, acrylics, gesso and varnish. Designed for...
from $18.15
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Pantone Artist and Writer's Notebook
Is it a sketchbook, or is it notebook? Both! From the world's authority on colour, Pantone lends its iconic look and signature brilliance to this inspirational notebook. A different colour chip on every page sparks the imagination and provides a...
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Mijello Ellipse Peel-Off Palette, XL
This extra-large, ellipse-shaped palette features a separate mixing area to keep paint uncontaminated. Appropriate for both acrylics and oils, simply peel off dried acrylic paint for easy clean up or easily wipe off oil pigments. Size: 12.25" x 17". 
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ArtResin® Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kits
Extremely versatile and made with non-hazardous, non-toxic ingredients, our best-selling epoxy resin gives a crystal clear finish with unparalleled non-yellowing properties.  Can be used with the Art Resin Accessory Kit  Each kit includes: equal parts 1 resin + 1 hardener bottle +...
from $32.00
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Winsor & Newton Watercolour & Sketching Easel with carrying case
This flat-tilt and stand-capable Winsor & Newton easel is ideal for watercolours, outdoor sketching, and also great for oil and acrylic paintings. Use for indoor, outdoor or tabletop use. The height is easily adjusted with one-touch telescopic leg. Can hold...
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New Wave POSH Glass Table Top Palette
POSH Glass Palettes are everything the name implies. For use with all paint media as an artist palette, mulling surface, mono-printing surface, any craft surface. The tempered glass surface ensures maximum strength and safety. Dried acrylic paint peels away, and...
from $36.35
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Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank Jar, 12 oz. (355 ml)
Keep your brushes sparkling clean and ready for the next painting session! This tank has a spiral coil insert that cleans between bristles. The handy screw cap prevents evaporation.
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Itoya Art ProFolio Presentation Portfolio
A must-have for any designer, illustrator, photographer and art student. Itoya's ProFolio features crystal clear PolyGlass pocket sheets and sports a clean, contemporary look. They incorporate a rigid yet lightweight black poly cover for added durability. The multi-fold spine allows it...
from $7.99
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Princeton Real Value Brush Set - Natural Hair, Bristle, Long Handle (Set of 7)
These long-handled brushes have natural hog bristle for stiff mark-making generally recommended for oil painting. This is a nice handful of brushes to help you get started. Use with acrylics, oils, and stains. This set includes: #2 Round #6 Round...
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Walter Foster Modern Watercolor
In Modern Watercolour artists learn how to harness the transparent qualities of watercolour, creating stunning works of art, stationery, gifts and more. From selecting watercolour paints to learning to blend colours into a unique palette, this book serves as a...
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Pacon Comic Sketch Pad, 9" x 12"
This wire-bound pad features acid-free heavy-weight sketch paper great for drawing comic characters, storyboards and action scenes. The pad has a pocket folder for storage plus four sheets of chipboard stencils that can be used for drawing comics. The stencils...
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Catalyst Silicon Nylon Mini Blades with handles
Ideal for oils, acrylics and water-miscible oils, this contour tool allows you to achieve stunning colour combinations, dynamic textures and flowing patterns. It is approved food-safe by the FDA and works well with plaster, clay, encaustics, ceramics, cake decorating and...
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Walter Foster The Art of Watercolour Painting
This book covers the fundamentals of watercolour and a variety of techniques, including creating washes, mixing colours and working wet into wet, among others. Experienced watercolourists show artists how to put their painting skills to use through a simple step-by-step...
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Mabef Lyre Studio Easel
This reclining lyre easel offers a practical angle for painting with curvature up to 15 degrees. Made from stain resistant oiled beech.  The lyre easel has sliding supports and a practical shelf to store colors. The height of the frame...
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Princeton, Hake Brush
Ideal for large watercolour washes, this brush carries an abundance of water for an efficient process and even application. Natural goat hair Broad, flat wooden handle Sturdy ferrule 
from $6.89
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Classic Studio Beechwood Easel with shelf
  Constructed of hand-finished beechwood, this classic studio easel features a stable H-frame design and adjustable incline and height controls. Includes a shelf for supplies. H-frame design and adjustable incline and height controls. Includes a shelf for supplies. storage. Some...
$425.99 $298.19
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Linzer Brush Varnish & Chip Brush, Chinese Bristle/Polyester Blend
Varnish & Gesso Brush Chinese Bristle/Polyester Blend 2" Keep this brush on hand for all your varnishing, staining and painting needs. Ideal for DIY projects, refurbishing and touch-up jobs, this brush is ideal for applying oil-based paints, stains and enamels....
from $6.99
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Design Originals Zentangle 9: Expanded Workbook Edition, Adding Beautiful Colors with Mixed Media
Bring your tangle designs to life with brilliant color! Inside you'll find 31 all-new tangles with inspiring ideas for adding expressive colour to your Zentangle-inspired art. Discover the joys of using watercolours, resist designs, Distress Inks, Pan Pastels, Gelly Roll...
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Winsor & Newton University Series Brushes, Assorted
These soft white nylon fiber brushes are ideal for use with acrylics. Excellent results may also be achieved in conjunction with oils and alkyds. Particularly suited for fine detail work, glazing or blending with thinned down color, they are constructed...
from $19.20
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