Reeves Coloured Pencil Set - 12 pencils
Reeves premium quality coloured pencils are formulated to offer excellent smooth color laying properties and color brilliance. You can easily blended them to obtain many different color shades. The extremely strong leads (3.8mm diameter) will not easily break when sharpened...
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Reeves Oil Paint Set, 12 Tubes x 22mL
Make like the masters and get to grips with the ultimate colour medium with this oil set of ten 22 ml tubes. Infinitely versatile oils are marvellously mixable and dry slowly allowing on-canvas blending and pro techniques like glazing and...
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Reeves Soft Pastel Set - 24 colours
Sharpen your creative edge with square pastels that are fabulous whichever way you look at them with this set of twenty four soft pastels. Use the sides for broad strokes, ends for bold lines or corners for details. Just made...
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Reeves Water Soluble Wax Pastels, 24 colours
Reeves Water Soluble Wax Pastels are made with high quality pigments. You can use them with water to create watercolour effects by experimenting with different methods: Apply pastel to paper and then use a wet brush or sponge to achieve...
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