Catalyst Silicon Nylon Mini Blades with handles
Ideal for oils, acrylics and water-miscible oils, this contour tool allows you to achieve stunning colour combinations, dynamic textures and flowing patterns. It is approved food-safe by the FDA and works well with plaster, clay, encaustics, ceramics, cake decorating and...
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Natural Goat Hair / Mop Brushes
Princeton Art & Brush Co These mop brushes feature all-natural goat hair and stylishly striped short handles. Ideal for washes & blending. They hold a lot of water.
from $8.20
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Neptune Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Brushes
Princeton Artist Brush Co These brushes offer a soft, extremely thirsty synthetic version of a squirrel brush that may actually outperform the natural version. They deliver oceans of color to the sheet. Experts in natural hair have been incredulous that...
from $6.09
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Princeton Brush Natural Bristle Oil & Acrylic Brush, Assorted
Traditional natural hair, pure hog bristle affordably priced for the artist on a budget. Ideal for oil colour painting but can also be used with acrylics, this brush has a beautiful relationship between quality and value. Natural Chungking bristle Full-sized...
from $12.39
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Princeton, Hake Brush
Ideal for large watercolour washes, this brush carries an abundance of water for an efficient process and even application. Natural goat hair Broad, flat wooden handle Sturdy ferrule 
from $6.89
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Umbria Synthetic Blend Watercolor & Acrylic Brushes
Princeton Artist Brush Co Suited for watercolour, acrylic and gouache painting, the Umbria™ is truly special with its deep olive-coloured handles coated with Velvetouch™ silicone finish. This attractive brush feels great in your hand and works well with gouache-opaque watercolour,...
from $33.95
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